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This is a list of websites that have free ebooks.

--- Comics---


--- DOWN---

  • FemLib - A collection of feminist and critical theory books DOWN 2016-12-07
  • Untitled Only has one book. DOWN 2015-05-18
  • The Tor Library - The Tor Library has over 60 GB of English books in pdf, chm, and djvu format. Design by Russebertene. DOWN 2015-04-03
  • TorBooks Search engine, supports user uploads and registration. Website and most content is German. [DOWN 2015-04-07]
  • NoReason - Info and pdf files on weapons, locks, survival, poisons, protesters, how to kill. Hidden Wiki, TorDir, Steal this wiki, Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau mirrors. Guro, dofantasy / Fansadox Collection. DOWN 2015-05-12
  • Ebooks A bunch of miscellaneous ebooks. DOWN 2015-05-12
  • Destination Unknown Small selection. Searchlores, Cryptonomicon, Thelema... DOWN 2015-05-12
  • The Last of PAPYREFB2 A collection of mostly Spanish books. DOWN 2015-05-12
  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina Free knowledge archive for everyone (Not to be confused with Free Bibliotheca Alexandrina!) DOWN 2015-05-12
  • Tard's Library A library containing howtos, Military PDFs, and other Misc informational things. DOWN 2015-05-18
  • OnionWarez Warez forum DOWN 2015-05-19
  • Free Bibliotheca Alexandrina English, Spanish and German books DOWN 2015-05-19
  • The Laughing Nihilist Drugs + writing DOWN 2015-05-19
  • Mister Collection of writings, art, selected texts and deeply personal views on philosophy of existence DOWN 2015-05-19
  • LA EXTINTA BIBLIOTECA DE PAPYREFB2 Spanish library (mirror to LIBRERÍA HISPANA) DOWN 2015-05-19

UNSORTED Library of Wan Shi Tong http://start.3ho5boab62jzswek.onion/